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Instruments for Discovery, Detection, and Determination

Symphotic TII Corporation supplies scientific instruments, underwater instruments,

cameras and imaging systems




Underwater Robotics

Sonar Imaging, Profiling and Echo Sounding Instrumentats

Radiation Tolerant Cameras

Raman Microscopy Lasers for Science and Industry

Spectroscopy and Nondestructive Testing




What's New:

  Available now:  High Performance Gyro Stabilized Imaging Sonar for your ROV

Our New Imagenex 881L GS and 881A GS Sonar features sharper, stabilized images from your ROV.


What's New:

  Contros HydroCTM Underwater Chemical Sensors

CO2, O2, CH4 and PAH Sensors for Stationary and Mobile Underwater Deployment


NEW:  The NEW HydroFlashTM O2 Optode sensor:

Powerful analytical capability in a compact sensor.


What's New:

  The Imagenex 878 Side Scan Sonar

Simltaneous Dual Frequency, High Resolution, Towable Side Scan Sonar


What's New:

  Symphotic TII and Saab Seaeye cooperate on sales, service and training for

The Saab Seaeye FALCON series Remotely Operated Vehicles


What's New:

  The GIB-Lite underwater GPS system for divers, ROVS and AUVs

What's New:

  The LS-2147-LT150 Integrated Ti-Sapphire Laser




What's New:


  The Lyyn Hawk Portable Video Enhancement System



Symphotic TII Corporation products and services are designed to allow you to

 "take a closer look" at difficult testing, analysis, and inspection applications.

New products from Symphotic TII:

Take a Closer Look in remote and dangerous locations with our robotics, remote cameras, and underwater sensors:

  Underwater Instruments

  • NEW: Underwater Global Positioning Systems:  Highly accurate and easy to deploy, these revolutionary products simplify tracking of ROVs, AUVs, divers, and other subjects.



Adverse Environment Cameras

  • NEW: Cameras for use in radiation, hazardous, remote or underwater applications. 

Take a Closer Look in Radiation Environments:


  • New: The InSITETM Remote in-situ Chemical Analyzer: Determine the composition of suspected explosives and precursors, illicit drugs and precursors, hazardous substances unknown materials in-situ. 

      Winner of the Nuclear Energy Institute Top Industry Practice Award. 



  • New: The Enhanced AquaRAD® HS Radiation Tolerant Camera System: Color or Monochrome



  • New The AeRAD™ Color and monochrome radiation tolerant camera systems for adverse environments


Take a Closer Look in Difficult Visibility:

Image Enhancement

  • The Lyyn Hawk Image Enhancement System for use in fog, smoke, murky waters, snow, and other compromised viewing conditions.  Now take a closer look in difficult viewing conditions.

  • NEW: Lyyn Rack mounted systems.


Take a Closer Look with Raman microscopy:


  • The Nanofinder 30 3-D Raman Microspectroscopy--New applications notes concerning single walled carbon nanotubes now available.


Take a Closer Look at the Zeecom Zeta Potential Analyzer:


  • Now measure zeta potential and observe electrophoresis, flocculation and settling of particles real time.


Take a Closer Look with Spectroscopy and Laser Products:


Tunable Lasers

  • Our newly expanded laser product line includes a newly developed amplified Ti:Sapphire Tunable Laser for Photo Acoustic Tomography and a new high reliability tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator system.


Laser Catalog



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