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Marine Spatial Data Software

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Hydrographic Data Acquisition, Navigation, and processing software:  QINSy

Hydrographic Data Processing and Visualization: Qimera

4D Geospatial Processing and Analysis: Fledermaus

Marine Navigation, Piloting and Vessel Docking: Qastor

QINSy: QPS Integrated Navigation System

One Product, Many Applications

QINSy (Quality Integrated Navigation System) is a hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing software package. The suite of applications can be used for various types of surveys, ranging from simple single beam surveys up to complex offshore construction works.

There are over 700 companies using QINSy. QINSy is being used in diverse applications, including:

  • Dredging

  • Multibeam Data Processing

  • Pipe Bundle Planning, Positioning and Monitoring

  • Side Scan Sonar Data Processing

  • Rock Dumping Positioning and Monitoring

  • Pipe Laying

  • Pipe Inspection

  • Seismic Survey

  • Offshore Construction and Demolition

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Qimera: Advanced Sonar Data Processing


Qimera is specifically designed to process sonar data as rapidly as possible. Qimera also contains a number of advanced tools including Sound Velocity Profiling (refraction), Calibration (Patch Test), and a Wobble Test (for troubleshooting common sensor installation/integration issues). 


Qimera supports QPS sonar data or raw data from your system. The program guides you through the workflow to 2D, 3D, and 4D interactive data presentation.


See the video below for the Qimera Webinar:

Fledermaus: 4D Geo-Spatial Processing and Analysis


Fledermaus is the industry leading interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool.


We offer application specific solutions in ready to use bundles for:

  • Geospatial 4D visualization

  • Hydrography

  • Integrated Marine Habitat

  • Offshore Project Surveying and Planning

  • Comprehensive Cross-Platform Applications

In addition, we offer a free viewer for the Fledermaus file format.  Please contact us for download information.

QASTOR: Electronic Chart System

Qastor is a precise navigation, piloting and docking software application that was first released in 2000. Although primarily designed as an ECS for piloting operations, Qastor has also proven to be a useful navigation tool in several other fields including Ship Trials, Oil Rig Positioning, Inland River Barges, SPM Approaches, Ferry Operations, Oil and Gas Tanker Approaches and Docking, Patrol Vessels and Tugboat Operations. Using wired or wireless methods, Qastor interfaces to most devices outputting NMEA data strings to AIS transponders/receivers and to the QPS Connect Server, which is currently supplying meteorological data to Qastor users, but also capable of distributing other types of information.

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